Why to choose Jardinette?

Jardinette is an excellent venue for various events in the green part of Budapest. In addition to doing our best to give high-standard service to our à la carte guests, we provide an excellent venue for company and family events and celebrations. A total of 130 persons can be seated indoors.
The atmospheric, more than 100-year-old stone building seats 50 guests and the glass winter garden built in 2001 seats 80 persons.
The Jardinette restaurant is no ordinary event venue. It took its name, which means ‘little garden’, from its beautiful garden surounded and shaded by giant chestnut trees, where a further 70 guests can be seated, who can enjoy the natural scenery from spring to autumn.
The restaurant’s small, rustic wine cellar ia also worth a visit, something of a rarity as far as event venues go in the heart of Budapest. It seats 15 persons, where wine, pálinka or cheese tastings can be organised for our guests.



A venue for wedding parties on the border of Budapest’s district 11 and 12.

In recent years Jardinette has become one of the most popular venues for wedding parties amongst Budapest’s garden restaurants. We cater for 30 to 40 wedding events each year, with great expertise and good knowledge of guest interests and needs concerning food, drinks and other services. Located in the heart of Budapest, our restaurant is an ideal venue with a special atmosphere for wedding parties of up to 120 persons.
We try to accommodate even the most special requests of the bride and groom and their families and tailor make our offer accordingly. Wedding parties can be arranged with buffet dinner, plate or dish service, or even a combination of the above. We offer advice not only for selecting the venue, food and drinks, we always call attention to other pre-requisites of successful and atmospheric wedding parties as well.
Selecting a good band is the most important of these. Our staff is pleased to advise our guests on the selection of music and other services required for weddings. We have long-standing, trusted partners who assist in decorating tables and chairs or in organizing the wedding ceremony in the garden.

Why did you choose Jardinette as a location for wedding reception? –We gathered the most important feedbacks …

  • A garden with fantastic mood with huge chestnut trees in the heart of Budapest
  • A large full of glass winter garden connected to the garden
  • Chef with wide experience in Hungarian and international cuisine
  • You get your money’s worth at a good price
  • 20 years’ experience in organizing wedding events
  • Professional and friendly service with flexible organization
  • Our organizer and restaurant manager will extend a maximum level of hospitality
  • Our waiters would be happy and patient at 5 o’clock in the morning as well
  • Provides all manner of help including decoration and band consultation services
  • The actual marriage may also take place in the garden
  • On that special day both you and your partner are the most important to them.

Please contact us and request an offer for your Wedding Reception Venue with menu and drinks included.


A venue for family occasions

Jardinette has become a traditional and memorable venue for various family events and commemorations. Young parents who had their wedding party here like to return, along with their families and guests, to celebrate the christening of their new-born children. The restaurant is a perfect choice for family birthday or name-day celebrations, and silver and golden wedding anniversaries are not rare either.
During Sunday lunch, trained nursery-school teacher is taking care of smaller children in the children’s corner, while larger children can prepare presents for their parents fit for the event. Many parents worry a lot about their children being unhappy sitting at a restaurant table. We provide the children’s corner service on demand on any day for family events, birthday and name-day celebrations, too.
Should you wish to surprise your friend or family member with live music, a pianist or so, just contact us.
Jardinette has come up with special, novel ideas for birthday parties. Try them and surprise your beloved ones. Organize a dinner here for a family member or a friend who is a gastronomy fan – he or she can prepare the main course in our professional kitchen!



Company and business events

In recent years our restaurant has successfully organized the most diverse variety of corporate events. Each year we not only take our fair share of Christmas parties, we are also active in hosting other corporate and business events throughout the year. Jardinette is an excellent venue all year round for client meetings, team parties, conferences, training courses, media breakfasts, product presentations, fashion and book shows, receptions, stand-up comedy parties and press conferences.

Our winter garden seats 80 persons in various arrangements (square or oblong tables or theatrical seating). Our stone building can host 45 persons, where projection can be arranged, mainly for entertainment, but also for presentations during corporate events. Both rooms can be complemented by the use of the garden to receive guests or to hold a cocktail party or reception.

The wine cellar of Jardinette is ideal for smaller business lunches and dinners for 10 to 15 guests, or for wine-tasting when receiving guests prior to a larger party event.

  • We offer help to our partners in organizing other services for corporate events on demand, such as bands or orchestras of various numbers, performing artists, casino games or poker, etc.
  • Company Christmas party
  • Wine tasting in the cellar
  • Cocktail-party
  • Goulash-party in the garden
  • Media Press breakfast, brunch
  • Media conference – bookshow
  • Team cooking
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