1. Place an order BY PHONE: +36 1 248 1652 or +36 70 335 4606

2. Delivery areas
Sashegy, Sasad, Gazdagrét, Madárhegy, Hosszúrét, Mártonhegy, Széchenyi-hegy, Orbánhegy, Istenhegy, Kissvábhegy. If you order elsewhere, please let us know by phone!

3. Payment: cash at delivery or at takeaway in the restaurant.

4. Delivery fee : 549 HUF

WARNING: According to a study by the European Food Safety Authority, the coronavirus no longer infects cooked food. In our restaurant, the rules of preparation and packaging are extremely strict, which we pay even more attention to in the current circumstances.




Cheese selection from local cheese farm, oil seeds, fruits 3480,-

Homemade spreads cottage cheese, pork cracklings, aubergine 2890,-

Picnic in the garden (cheese, ham and spreads) 3480,-                  

Brioche, cold goose liver in its own fat, apple compote 3690,-

Marinated vegetables, duck rilette, sourdough bread 2950,-

Red onion chutney, roasted duck liver, sprouts 3480,-

Ceasar salad with roasted chicken breast 2860,-

Ceasar salad with grilled prawns 3650,-




Homemade dumplings, Goulash soup, bio buffalo 2250,-

Vegetables, Beef bouillon, homemade noodle 1470,-

Semolina dumplings, beef bouillon carrots, beef 1850,-

Chef’s soup of the day 1850,-


Vegan and vegetarian dishes


Salad leaves, grilled goat cheese, roasted walnuts 3680,-

 Coloured carrots, Homemade hummus with, roasted hazelnut, papadum 2980,-

Bulgur, stuffed red pepper, tomato, potato 3480,-

Eggs, jerusalem artichoke, mushrooms 3260,-

Goat cheese, beetroot risotto, sprouts 3260,-


Buda Classics 


Lamb’s lettuce, Wiener schnitzel from pork, potato salad 3960,-

Egg dumplings, paprika veal stew, sour cream 4670,-

Red cabbage puree, Duck leg confit, roasted onion rösti 4160,-

Roasted potatoes, breaded leg of veal, sauce tartare 4260,-

Homemade cottage cheese noodles, catfish paprikash stew, roasted bacon 4650,-


Our Chef’s Special

Wiener schnitzel (chicken) with French fries 2900,-

Cottage cheese pasta with bacon 2190,-

Grilled chicken breast with beetroot risotto 3290,-

Pork loin with lentils 2850,-

Pork tenderloin with onion mashed potatoes 2950,-

Confit pork tenderloin with sweet potato puree and apple compote 3190,-

Chicken ‘Brassói” with sausage, bacon and rosemary potatoes 2990,-

Forest mushroom poultry stew with sliced noodles 2890,-

Spinach, beetroot, Pikeperch filet, mashed motato 4750,-                                                               

Broccoli, salmon steak, cauliflower, citrus espuma 4750,-

Pumpkin, farm chicken breast, brussel sprouts 3870,-

Sweet potato, duck breast rosé, carrots, pomegranate 4680,-

Bread dumplings, beefcheek Vadas style, vegetables 4750,-                                                                   



For Kids 


Breraded chicken breast  rice or French fries 2750,-



Salads and pickles


Two kinds dressing, fresh salad bouquet,  roasted seeds 1870,-

Barrelled homemade pickles 990,-

Homemade cabbage salad 990,-

Homemade cucumber salad 990,-